Confirmed procedures in real time with Strategic Partners - Customs Brokers

Thursday, 05 April, 2018, 10:48 AM

The borders between territories, states and countries restrict the willingness of entrepreneurs and companies to trade goods between the two sides. In fact, these would be and are in much more number and more value whenever such borders are blurred, either by the best agreement between governments or by the "strength" of the correct treatment of the customs laws. Customs Brokers are the holders of this "strength", which is no more than the knowledge acquired by an extensive study of all these laws, enabling, to a large extent, the Globalization. It is the Customs Brokers who are still collaborating in the development of Economy 4.0, and the best ones are doing it because, knowing the reality of their clients, their limitations, their efforts and potential, are involved in the implementation of new methods and technologies, that favour them in their professional businesses.

Giving the possibility of simultaneous multiple negotiations and in both directions, the PDO Exchanges also represent a blurring of borders and incorporate the "strength" of the best Customs Brokers, in which, participating as Strategic Partners (SP), take notice through their SP iD and process each business concluded in there. This new reality results for everyone, Producer, Trader and Customs Brokers, because they finally use the same language - the confirmed procedures in real time, supported by the same resource.

With the Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange's Worldwide Opening and with the iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY's strategic management system, the control of customs accounting is complete on either side of the value chain or the border and, together with traceability of their Online Buy and Sale Orders (OBSO), represent a confidence factor that enhances more and better businesses.