Guarantees in Professional Negotiations with Strategic Partners - Insurance Companies.

Tuesday, 27 March, 2018, 10:06 AM

The involvement of the insurance industry in the professional negotiations of different agri-food products is historical and has developed as the different markets have evolved, sometimes by the Producers' needs and other times by the Traders' needs, or even by the needs of the Insurers themselves. The value added to international trade for the products and services made available by them is very relevant, given the guarantees of financial and material security support for numerous transactions. The price to be paid in these relations is assessed by the trust between the parties, by the value of the goods and by the operational delivery of the services agreed in the negotiation, and despite it often being recognized as a benefit, it is still seen essentially as a cost. It would be great to be able to give it the character of a benefit, but it is almost impossible to do so due to the lack of systematization in the current market circumstances.

The transformation that now occurs with the launch of different individual and permanent PDO Exchanges is the consequence of the application of iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY's strategic management system to these relationships in the global market, as the economy (4.0) demands. This gives the Insurance Companies the ultimate innovation for their work in the three dimensions mentioned above, with the assignment of its Strategic Partner iD (SP iD) and finally the recognition of their services as a benefit.

The credit and goods insurance companies registered in the system as SP are at the forefront of this new value chain, in which the worldwide opening of the Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange is the first practical expression. To be systematically requested, in real time, by Producers and Traders that in the PDO Exchange close the professional negotiations with online buy and sell orders (OBSO) or even to offer their products and services directly to the most dynamic actors of the global market is the mutual benefit guaranty for all the involved ones.