Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange opens 40 Intelligent Markets

Thursday, 01 March, 2018, 10:14 AM

This action represents the culmination of the effort and work of the iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY’s team for over 18 months, to which we have been able to add the same commitment of different Official Partners and Strategic Partners.

Initiated in an enlightening and motivating way by the President of AEP – Portuguese Business Association, Mr. Paulo Nunes de Almeida, regarding the importance of the Partnership that supports this action, was followed by the same approach by the Project Manager of EEN – Enterprise Europe Network, Ms. Céu Filipe, who also highlighted the possibility of all the companies present in this PDO Exchange, Producers, Traders and Partners, to use the services and the network of the EEN free of charge.

An impressive and qualified presentation by Mr. Alberto Ribeiro de Almeida, Manager of Juridical Department of Douro and Port Wines Institute, confirmed why both supply and demand can and should value the PDO Porto and the PDO Douro, such is the development and organization that supports them.

The iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY, by Mr. José Carlos Costa from Strategic Management Department, opened the 40 Intelligent Markets, typifying them in three profiles: traditional, development and venture. He also characterized the specific and balanced work of the PDO Exchange with Reverse Missions and Promotion of Intelligent Markets along with the supply, as well as, with Training and Promotion Actions of the PDO Porto and PDO Douro along with the demand.

The confidence and enthusiasm of Mr. André Granado's presentation, Manager of Commercial and Marketing Department at COSEC, perfectly illustrates the leading position they have in the areas of credit and bond insurance. He continued offering a strong and secure prospect for supply and demand, which, using its products and services, can obtain various guarantees, even reaching ninety-five per cent of the businesses’ value.

Finally, Mr. Rui Fraga, the CEO of iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY, opened the door to Producers and Traders to a new qualified dimension: organize their sales and purchasing teams, announcing the figure of the PDO Exchange Manager as the future responsible of the professional negotiations lived up to the day, hour and minute in a PDO Exchange environment. The presentation, for the first time, of the international trading platform with a webpage that integrates the apps of Admission of Producer and Trader, Variation of Parameters, Professional Negotiation and Results Analysis, as well as Sector Advertising and Economic Information, represent together the evolution towards the economy (4.0).

The moment of debate "Conscious Globalization", accompanied by the Pianist Paulo Pires, gave one more emotion to the participants that continued with the celebration of this action in a Port of Honor dedicated to the PDOs and to the markets.

This action anticipates and projects the Worldwide Opening of the Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange, with a date set for June 27, 28 and 29, 2018, at the Centro Multiusos of Lamego.