Value For Money vs Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange

Thursday, 15 February, 2018, 10:51 AM


Since 1756, the Douro region is recognized as the world’s first wine demarked region with a singularity of producing two distinctive world-class wines, representing PDO Porto and PDO Douro, each one with their own characteristics and categories certified by IVDP.

Registered producers for PDO Porto (127) and for PDO Douro (418) or for both, propose a total portfolio of 1900 references traded to around 103 markets. The annual revenue at the source evolved to 516 M€ (IVDP, 2016), distributed by 374 M€ for PDO Porto and 142 M€ for PDO Douro.


Different backgrounds of product development and trade meet in the same value chain, which is crystallized for some and inaccessible for others. In there are missed business opportunities for greater quantitative, with a larger price range, counteracting the concentration of markets, producers, and references.

Global Solution

In 2017, through the iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY system these PDOs dive in the new economy (4.0), which requires shared data, technology and communication for their effective appreciation in the global market, only possible through the Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange worldwide opening.

Changes with the solution

Accomplished the supply and demand “proximity” by mutual knowledge between producers and its references and traders and its markets, the decisions and the sales and buy orders online (SBOO) through the PDO Exchange are favoured, in quantity and value, in a growing "win-win".


The Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange as a new value chain and the strategic management as a new capacity, give the supply and demand the possibility of satisfying the criterion "value for money".