PDOs’ Quality and Identity enhancement by Public Institutes.

Monday, 04 December, 2017, 06:11 PM

The Public Institutes that iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY is adding to the new value chain, the PDO Exchanges, are diversified in nature and have a meritorious work history and quite close to these. However, they are not always able to materialize all their effort, resources and knowledge in the real enhancement of the quality and identity of these ones. The limitation is, essentially, not caused by the institutions themselves but rather by the processes in which they have to operate, i.e., the traditional value chain that cushions and often even nullifies all this work. This happens because it is not possible to articulate so much effort, resources and knowledge in a circular dynamic that enables each PDO to permanently move forward.

Based on an inversion of moments we ensure that the real and necessary contribution by these entities is defined by full "participation", in real time, in each and every business transaction conducted between supply and demand. Using their Official Partner iD and that, from the data collected at these times, these entities are able to build a new and better decision-making process that directly benefits from their "participation" and their work.

With this new perspective and with simple thoughts applied to complex challenges, we managed to create an "organic" action similar to what we observe in many evolutions of the living systems, able to value the whole rather than the part. With certified quality, the Protected Denomination of Origin values itself with interaction with Tourism's who, in turn, reinforces their identity, which enables the sustainability of the different Brands, that in the Market, progressively generate greater economic benefits, again re-distributed by all including the same entities that are thus able to renew their work potential, simply because they permanently "participate" in the pulse of the new value chain, the PDO Exchanges.