Admission Guide to Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange

Tuesday, 07 November, 2017, 10:16 AM

This is a single moment for the global market. After the world's first individual and permanent PDO Exchange presentation the admission's guide of Producers (supply) and Traders (demand) is now known.

There are three distinct phases with actions full of innovative information and training based on the iNTELLIGENT TRADE AGENCY's system. These actions are being developed cyclically and will enable all Producers and their References as well as all Markets and their Traders the continuous access to Porto Douro Wines PDO Exchange.

This will enable the qualification of the supply and demand through a selection process to ensure balanced market relations, generate trust for the Producer and the Trader through a set of rights and duties established to calibrate the market relations, stimulate the Producer and the Trader through exclusive actions with value-added to the product that serve to motivate market relations, and thus in a demanding but free manner, assign the Producer iD and Trader iD for a professional negotiation in the PDO Exchange's environment.